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Management tool for Small, Medium and Enterprise Businesses.

More Sales, Better Service, Greater Customer Insight

Implementation services designed based on years of experience, allow InnoWave to work around you whilst designing and developing the perfect solution.

InnoWave delivers customisation based on your business processes to drive engagement during every customer interaction.

Industry led knowledge giving you confidence in a solution fit for purpose.

What can we offer?


As specialists in Salesforce implementations both large and small we will help you design and deliver a solution tailor made to your business requirements.

Managed Service and On Going Development

InnoWave can help with both fully outsourced Managed Service desks and SME on going development packages.


Certified Experience

Over 70 Salesforce Certifications across global locations.

Time to Value

With extensive cloud and industry experience we reduce implementation time and cost.


Pre Defined project processes and documentation giving you peace of mind during the project.

What's in itfor you?

We offer you agility to introduce new features and evolve your offer.
Be able to Scale infrastructure based on demand.
Use Multiple Infrastructure Silos with different expertise required.

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Use Cases

Commercial Lending

Investment Management

Foreign Exchange

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