Why InnoWave?

At InnoWave we believe that people fuel the success of a company.
We place a special focus on creating a conducive environment that supports high performance by enabling the professional and personal growth and development of our employees.

If the thought of working with a committed and dynamic team on emerging technologies and innovative concepts excites the genius in you, send us your CV now.

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We are team players

People development

InnoWavers develop self-awareness in themselves and others. They give constructive, meaningful and timely feedback and coach others to fulfil their potential. They assume that developing self and others is one of the most relevant part of their jobs.


InnoWavers take collaboration as a basic principle of working and never say no to a colleague in need. They are deep listeners and have a genuinely interested in the well being of others. They rejoice and celebrate every time someone as an awesome achievement.


We are open minded


InnoWavers are always learning and improving themselves. They are eager to learn how the world works, to grasp relations between different subjects and to share their knowledge.


InnoWavers co-create with Clients, seizing difficulties as opportunities to create disrupted solutions that simple work. They don't limit themselves by "not invented here".


We are trustworthy


InnoWavers are trustworthy because they walk the talk. They earn respect by respecting everyone regardless their position, by role modelling InnoWave culture and outperforming their responsibilities.


InnoWavers are dependable, they always deliver their scope with high standards of quality. They act on behalf of the greater good, having the company in mind, before their own self-interest. They never say "that's not my job".


We dare


InnoWavers think big, they envision and articulate a bold vision, inspiring others to perform. They are able to go beyond expectations and circumstances, delivering outstanding outcomes.


InnoWavers are not afraid of complex situations, pushing forward and delivering under scarcity and uncertainty. They are independent thinkers, but address conflict in a positive and productive maner.

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