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Microsoft – a long and fruitful Strategic Partner for InnoWave

InnoWave and Microsoft have a long and fruitful Partnership, started in 2016 and we´ve been awarded several times, since we work together.

All these recognitions confirms InnoWave as a high level of skill and dedication in working with Microsoft, in several dimensions.

These Microsoft  recognitions throughout the years represents, to InnoWave,  a strong engagement and responsibility, and the opportunity to address together other cutting-edge projects in the future.

The Awards We´ve Won:

  • Portuguese AI Partner of the Year 2018
  • Portuguese Global Partner of the Year – 2019
  • Gold Partner in Application Development since 2019

InnoWave and Microsoft bringing cutting edge solutions and new business challenges

InnoWave, by combining Microsoft innovative technology with System integration capacity and Business knowledge, position InnoWave as a Preferred Partner in InnoWave´s strategic vertical like Telco, FSI, Utilities and Manufacturing.

By addressing these business challenges, InnoWave addresses al the opportunities bringing our Innovation´s DNA, always together with Microsoft, validating the architecture and detailed design and the best tools bring the solutions to Production.

InnoWave is strategic selecting bringing AI/GenAI, IoT, Cyber Security and Cloud Microsoft technologies and best practices, to guarantee the excellence of the solutions we bring to our Customers.

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