Frontline Operations Platform

Manage and visualize your global operations, in real time

Empower your enterprise with Tulip’s Frontline Operations Platform – where innovation meets efficiency, scalability, and adaptability at the speed of thought.

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Connected appspower operations

Manage Material Systems Replenishment

Create dynamic “Kanban loops” for seamless replenishment relationships.

  • Actionable Real-time Data
  • Submit New Material Request
  • Dynamic Shop Floor
  • Lead Time Data and Data Accuracy

Track Work Order Status

Illuminate your work order landscape with real-time visibility.

  • Create a Work Order
  • Add Orders to the Queue
  • Track Open Work Orders

Visualize Real-time Production Progress

Craft tailored, real-time dashboards from the data tapestry of people, machines, devices, and sensors.

  • Consistent Product Quality
  • Smoother Production
  • Employee Safety
  • Production Savings
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

Guide Operators and Respond to Alerts

Orchestrated workflows and alert symphonies for flawless operations.

  • Gain Real-time Visibility
  • Eliminate Bottlenecks
  • Optimize Performance

Streamline Workflows and Connect Systems

Navigate the shipment journey seamlessly, integrating processes directly with ERP.

  • Operator Guidance
  • Increased Data Security and Integrity
  • Automated Data Collection and Sharing
  • Reduced Overall Production Cost

See what you can build with Tulip

Unlock the potential of MES solutions that align with your existing systems and processes,
putting the power of customization in your hands.


Next-Gen MES

Execute processes with agility and frontline guidance.


Connected Worker

Interfaces that speak the language of innovation, seamlessly integrated with sensors, devices, and systems.


Electronic Records (eBR/eDHR)

Accelerate batch releases, ensuring quality echoes at every production step.


Visual Quality Inspection

Immerse ML-powered defect detection into your workflows with a touch of no-code configuration.

Craft Connected Apps for Common Challenges

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Embark on a virtual tour through Tulip’s experience centre and witness the magic
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Industries we Delve to create success Stories

Industrial Products

Traceability from production to delivery.

Consumer Products

Crafting high-quality products amidst changing demands.

Luxury Goods

Delivering excellence without escapes.


Sustainable manufacturing of electronics, robotics, and PCBAs.

Automotive & Specialty Vehicle

Ensuring end-to-end traceability for high-quality vehicles and parts.

Aerospace & Defense

Simplifying compliance, eradicating errors, and enhancing productivity.

Food & Beverage

Maximizing utilization, digitizing batch records, and simplifying compliance.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Consistent and high-quality pharmaceutical production.

Biotech Manufacturing:

Crafting safe and effective biological therapies with streamlined compliance.

Cell & Gene Therapy

Delivering safe and effective personalized therapies with real-time traceability.

Medical Devices & Diagnostics

Crafting high-quality medical products at any level of compliance.

High-Mix Discrete Assembly

Orchestrating error-proof assemblies, boosting productivity and instigating a continuous improvement rhythm.


Maximizing machine utilization, reducing errors, and elevating productivity.

Additive Manufacturing

Elevating 3D printer utilization with a commitment to quality from printing to post-processing.

Batch and Hybrid Batch

Streamlining quality batch production with real-time traceability.

Contract Manufacturing

Delivering high-quality products with real-time production visibility to clients.

New Product Introduction (NPI):

Accelerating the transition from prototype to production.

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