Welcome to InnoWave – a company embarking on the integration of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles into our business operations.

Our purpose is to initiate and nurture a sustainable business that actively contributes to the preservation of our natural environment, respects human rights, and strives towards achieving carbon neutrality goals.


We believe in our people…​
Only with our employees, clients and suppliers engagement and contribution we will succeed to become Carbon neutral.

As a digital company we have the responsibility to be leaders in promoting digital inclusion, digital trust and develop our products in order to support our chain of value to excel their own sustainability path.

Our Mission

“Change Lives through Innovation…”

​Create a more sustainable and digital future.

Our Vision

Achieve the Carbon neutral goals by engaging, supporting and providing the tools to our chain of value to conduct a sustainable business in order to provide a better live through the use of our solutions.​

Our ESG Commitment

InnoWave’s commitment to ESG principles is not just a corporate mandate – it’s an integral part of who we are and how we operate.

We believe in delivering innovative solutions that not only drive the growth of our clients but also contribute to a sustainable and equitable world.

High Priority SDGs

Second Priority SDGs

Indirect Impact

“We see a world where people have a better life through the seamless use of our technology”​

Our ESG Approach is built on three pillars:

Environmental Stewardship

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, optimizing resource use, and promoting environmental responsibility.

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Social Equity

At InnoWave, we foster an inclusive workplace, promote human rights, and actively invest in the communities where we operate.

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Governance Excellence

We ensure transparency, ethical business conduct, and robust risk management practices across our operations.

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Our ESG Initiatives

Discover the innovative initiatives we’ve undertaken to integrate ESG principles into our daily operations. From green office practices to community outreach programs and strict adherence to ethical standards, we are dedicated to creating a positive impact.

Check our Grinnwave Activities here