We surf the wave of Innovation

…and it’s a constant challenge

  • How can we improve productivity and efficiency?
  • How to shorten development cycles and time to market?
  • How to increase agility and adaptability of IT products/services and not miss opportunities?
  • How can we optimize tools and processes to manage sw development/operation complexity?
  • How to empower teams to create, deliver and scale products/services by quickly validating business ideas and assumptions in the market for their viability and value early and often?
  • By providing a low code approach to software development enabling developers and non-developers to create applications by minimizing intricate hand-coding processes.
  • By using the leading high performance low code PAAS OutSystems to minimize nonbusiness value-added activities on the SDLC.
  • By delivering custom business solutions following Agile methodologies with a DEVSECOPS cross functional team and domain driven approach, fostering a business-oriented organizational architecture.
  • By providing AI-assisted development (OS AI mentor studio)
  • By providing technical assessments, process assessments and operational assessments to improve development quality, testing methodology, tools and optimize costs.
  • By creating, reviewing, adapting your digital transformation strategy to optimize your B2B operations and your B2C services.
  • By migrating, upgrading your legacy services and applications to the cloud.
  • By reducing your “tech skilled talent needs” and allowing you to look within the organization for reconversions.


Create competitive advantage

Increase competitiveness and grow revenue faster by providing customized digital experiences that stand out and win more business.

Increase speed and agility

Increasing speed and agility means the business is flexible and reacts quickly to change. IT can be a critical component of this goal by building an agile culture that enables development at scale.

Transform business operations

Transforming operations means that IT doesn’t just enable employees to do their work—it makes their work easier.

Agile culture and development at scale

Transform the way IT operates to improve responsiveness by adopting a platform that drives an agile and collaborative culture and future-proofs talent management.

Automation and efficiency

Streamline the way your employees work with automated processes and customized tools to create resilient operating models and an engaged workforce.

Legacy modernization

Build new foundations to reduce technical debt, improve data accessibility, and to accelerate business value creation.

  • Primary goal is to establish and promote governance, best practices and standards.
  • Different types of areas of knowledge organically working together
    • Shared Services: Collaboration-focused, organizational integration of all practices
    • Foundation Practices: create business value through application delivery
    • Operating Practices: supporting the customer at scale
  • Ultimate Goal: to have an organization of enabled roles and processes that will ensure the evolution and maintenance of the areas of knowledge and new Ways of Working while continuously generating value – thus, guaranteeing self-sustainability.
  • Operational model often include in-house, Hybrid or outsourced resources from an It service provider.

Shared functions

Foundation Practices

Operating practices

What we do?

Projects (B2B, B2C)

  • Modernization & agile acceleration
    • Low-Code Digital Factory
    • Digital transformation
      • Legacy system revamp
      • Internal business supporting apps
      • Customer digital experiences
      • Core systems
      • AI enablement
    • Custom app development
      • Web
      • Mobile
      • PWA


  • Technical best practices including architecture, performance and code analysis review.
  • Development process including way of working, tooling and metrics review.
  • QA process including quality gates, test case and tooling review.
  • Operational process including cost optimization, refactoring and upgrade needs review.


  • OutSystems 11 to ODC
  • OutSystems upgrades
  • Application migration to cloud trough outSystems


  • Independent software vendor (ISV)
  • Managed service provider (MSP

Why InnoWave?

Because we are a unique combination of...


People first, certified professionals, partnerships.


Agile DevSecOps with OutSystems best practices in mind, CMMi Level 3; ISO 9001.


+15 years of good results delivering low code solutions.

Technology expertise

We are not only experts in OutSystems, but also on the public clouds that the platform is built upon (AWS, Azure) and the open source technologies used by it (.net, react,…).

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