We surf the wave of Innovation

…and it’s a constant challenge

Are we suffering from poor customer experience?

Are we incurring more costs and high time to market due to inefficient processes?

Do we have enough data and proper management of data to take proper decisions?

How can we move out of the legacy systems and outdated technology to modern IT infrastructure?

How do we easily scale and be flexible to adapt with market dynamics?

How do we adapt to the best tools in the market to efficiently improve the service?

How to improve the knowledge base for easy onboarding of new resources to manage operations?

How to govern a team to efficiently deliver 24*7 service and ensure continuous improvement?

How are we changing lives?

Data Driven Operations

  • Extract business insights from technical data to assist in business-oriented decision making.
  • Reports from release stability from lower environments to assist in release Go/NoGo decision making.
  • Transparent SLA & KPI reports.


  • Hyper automation to improve efficiency.
  • Tailor made process implementation according to the requirements of the environment.
  • Generative AI for knowledgebase management.


  • Steering of service improvement plans and continuous innovation in the project.
  • Team organization for 24*7 delivery.
  • Ensure proper staff onboarding to the project.


  • Continuous integration & continuous delivery to help agility.
  • Collaboration amongst different teams including development, QA and operations and ensuring communication.
  • Monitoring and feedback loops resulting in proper knowledge of current affairs in different environments.

What we do?

  • Assessment
  • Governance
  • Tooling implementation & training
  • Cloudification
  • Data analytics & business intelligence
  • Release management
  • Process automation
  • Devops services
  • IT operations
  • Customer experience enhancement

Why InnoWave?

We believe and promote data driven decision making


  • Transparency and open communication, creating a trust-based relationship.
  • Agility and openness to change.
  • Continuous improvement mindset, applying a constant evaluation and enhancement approach to the team’s practices, processes, and services.


  • Strong innovative culture fostering Competitive advantage
  • People empowerment stimulates freedom and creativity.
  • Continuous development of technical and business competencies
  • Certified Professionals on different technological stacks.


  • CMMi Level 3; ISO 9001
  • Industry specific expertise (Telco & Finance)
  • People first emphasizing continuous learning (certs) and proactivity
  • Presence in Europe, North America and Asia supporting global delivery model.

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