Smart Connected Factory for Calpak


Smart Connected Factory for Calpak

Built to Heal

The product was e-launched by Karnataka’s Health Minister along with other bureaucrats.

Industrial IoT and Augmented Reality platforms that manage machine learning algorithms and data analytics procedures, to orchestrate connected robot arms on fully automated production line.

Collect and analyze multiple sources of production data and provides:

  • visibility;
  • root cause identification;
  • prediction and alerts;
  • response agility;
  • performance management.


  • Calpak has fully automated the boiler & solar panels manufacturing lines with the introduction of robotic arms in their 4000 square metres facility;
  • In partnership with Ericsson & Cosmote, they aimed to implement the first Greek private cellular campus network;
  • By exploring the first 5G private network, they wanted to expand the smart factory operation by exploring its universal connectivity, low latency, higher density and higher speed capacities.


Increase factory’s operational efficiency and productivity in order to enhance the company’s competitiveness in the global solar water heater arena.

Development of a fully automated, wirelessly connected production facility able to:

  • View real-time asset and performance information;
  • Alert irregular operating conditions;
  • Remote troubleshooting and access.



Cloud-based solution with real-time dashboard for predictive maintenance and meaningful insights based on:

  • critical data from the robotic arms;
  • machine learning algorithms;
  • data analytics procedures.

Augmented Reality experience to access real-time equipment data that provides:

  • production monitoring from anywhere;
  • remote expert guidance in the event of production line malfunctions.


  • Fully connected, flexible and automated production lines with full mobility, inside and outside the factory, for any future rearrangement.
  • Increase of production and quality optimization, while ensuring fewer disruptions in its operations and lower cost.
  • Remote production monitor and technical support on faults and maintenance issues.