We started this conversation talking about how artificial intelligence is actually already part of our daily lives, and we don’t even notice it most of the time! One of the most perfect examples is the way smarthomes are bringing it closer to us, especially in the case of virtual assistants like SiriCortanaGoogle Assistant and Alexa.

AI is actually here to help us, but for that to work, we must see it as a way to make our daily routines more practical, productive and functional. Let’s look at some more examples where we’re already using artificial intelligence in our daily lives.S

Smart Cars, drones, social media and streaming services

One of the best examples of AI technology is how much smart car and drone manufacturers are investing in the business and the progress that this has been made in this arena.

Today there are companies like Tesla using fully automatic cars, but there also so many examples of semi-automatic and intelligent cars that we could build a whole fleet of them – and other examples will come are sure to be developed in the near future. Of course Telsa is the name that stands out when talking about how AI is impacting our daily life as drivers. For example, all cars are connected, so anything a car learns is automatically shared across all other electric Teslas. This means that if one Tesla car encounters some sort of new road blockage or hazard, all the Tesla cars will know how to manoeuvre through that obstacle as soon as their system is updated.

We’re also watching companies like Amazon who are investing quite considerably in drone delivery programs, so it’s no surprise that they will become a reality much sooner than we would expect. Despite the Prime Air service not being a reality today as foreseen five years ago, it’s still a commitment from Amazon’s CEO and founder Jeff Bezos to have drones delivering packages across America. Another company in the same page is Walmart, which has recently filed a patent for a blockchain-based system that would allow delivery drones located only a few feet from each other to exchange information.

Last but not least, let’s think for a minute about how services like social media feeds from FacebookTwitterInstagramYoutube and many others, Spotify Discover Weekly and even Netflix shows us exactly the info and suggestions that match our likes and interests. And this is no mere coincidence, of course.

As far as social media is concerned, most of our decisions are indeed being impacted by AI. From the feeds we see in our timelines to the notifications we receive from all the apps we have installed in our mobile devices and everything in between – all is curated by AI. It grasps our behaviour, web searches, interactions and everything else we do online and then tailors the experience for us in an extremely personalised way.

The exact same thing applies to music and media streaming services we use on a daily basis. Be it Spotify, Netflix or YouTube, AI is always shuffling up and dealing us the cards we have mostly played before. And as intrusive as this may sound, it’s actually a great thing because it gives us access to choices we would probably never have the chance. With the assistance of AI, we are broadening our portfolio of likes with new content influenced by our existing likes.

AI is here: Let’s make the most of it!

At InnoWave, we believe that artificial intelligence is at the heart of evolution and that’s why we often bring it to the main stage. We see AI as a powerful way to help to make a better future. We can provide you with a comprehensive approach based on a set of solutions that can deliver a full implementation of artificial intelligence answers based on your exact needs. And we can do it with an innovative approach to overcome challenges. 

At InnoWave, we believe that AI is here to make our jobs more efficient and our lives easier!