We are living in a world...

…where Time to Market is key to business success.

Why should your company move to the Cloud?

Cloud is an INNOVATION enabler for your business, giving back time for your team to focus on strategic work.


Enables the ability to quickly develop test and publish new software to support your business processes.


Provides more robust protection for your infrastructure keeping it updated with automated maintenance and patching.


Quickly scale your infrastructure based on your needs on demand, without the need to invest and maintain physical infrastructure.

Faster Time-to-Market

Make it easy to design and test new ideas without being restricted to the current infrastructure boundaries.

Cost Optimization

Pay for the resources you use, avoiding idle infrastructure that needs to be maintained.

What can we offer?

Cloud Strategy

Align the cloud transformation process with your business objectives, creating a plan of action.

Cloud Migration

Move your existing workloads to the cloud. From lift-and-shift to application re-architect, we analyse which approach is the best for your use-case.

Cloud Engineering

Creation of new applications, using cloud native architectures and approaches.

We partner and have certified professionals with multiple cloud platforms
to provide a cloud agnostic approach.


Focus on Core Business

Customers focus on their business rather than on technology bringing efficiency.

Infrastructure Cost Optimization

Get your infrastructure constantly measured and reviewed for cost optimization on cloud.

Resilience and availability

Enhance operational resiliency with improvements in service quality and security risk posture.

Benefit from the latest Technology

InnoWave provide experts to manage new technology constantly updated with the new cloud features and tendencies.

InnoWave Expertise

Certified Professionals in Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.

Center of Excellence.

Cloud Agnostic Vendor.

CMMI3 and ISO27001 certifications.

What's in itfor you?

Take control of your application. Be proactive and not reactive.

Reduce your cost and headcount with continuous improvement and get:

Innovation – New ways to continuously improve the service with new innovative tools, concepts and methods.

Flexibility on the project model and elastic supply of resources – Onsite, Nearshore, Offshore.

Predictability of upcoming issues, reduced number of critical issues, reduced downtimes.

Reusable Assets, benefit from our own assets (products, solutions, frameworks and accelerators) and decrease turn-around times while containing costs.

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Success stories


VeBP Developed for Vodafone


  • Java
  • Hibernate
  • GWT
  • Oracle DB
  • Jboss AS


Collect provisioning information from various UE countries OpCo’s to standardize customer information and address pricing enquiry.


  • Ensure the standardization (business rules and validations ) of the information, as in each country the subscriptions are managed in a different way;
  • Controls the integration with the central billing system alerting the business users in case of any failure;
  • Integrate with existing billing system;
  • Securely transfer sensitive customer data information between EU countries.


  • Automate and reduce the manual work to consolidate all the EU subscriptions in one platform;
  • Start offering new products;
  • Improve operational effectiveness;
  • Increased the customer satisfaction by aggregation all the EU subscriptions in just one invoice;
  • Reduce manual intervention;
  • Reduce IT spending.

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