We are living in a world...

…where managing resources is key.

Here is your world.Business Needs.

Do you feel you are extracting all the potential from the service you are paying for?

Do you have a framework to encourage your service provider to boost productivity and efficiency?

Is your service provider efficient and continuously improving through innovation?

Are you able to predict the short and long term capacity needs for your business?

Context  |  Challenge

Managed Services vs Staff Augmentation

Under a managed services model, the supplier is committed to delivering a predefined set of objectives at a fixed price.
With the staff augmentation model, the supplier has minimal accountability.

Managed Services
Commitment to delivery and output

  • Supplier assumes control of the execution (with output driven commitments)
  • Committed scope and term
  • Cost tied to scope and quality of service – Fixed Cost.
  • Supplier managed delivery model
  • Supplier ensures knowledge will be documented and can be transferred at any time to the client
  • Supplier takes on the risk of transition and service scope (operations, delivery)

Staff Augmentation
Commitment to provide an input

  • Supplier commits to provide resources (no service delivery commitments)
  • Limited accountability
  • Cost tied to hours worked – Cost can have fluctuations.
  • Customer manages the delivery model
  • Knowledge invested in the individual
  • All delivery risks remain with customer

What can we offer?

We partner with our clients by understanding the customer needs, solving problems and creating new growth possibilities.

Our extensive experience in providing managed services using our Centers of Excellence and our offer enables you to reimagine your future.

With a single point of contact we take away the complexity and optimize your processes bringing tranquillity to your service.

We have a flexible service model that allows you to determine what level of service you require.

Our offer

We offer a variety of models for managed services, allowing each contract to match the needs of every customer in line with their strategic goals, levels of maturity and process transformation history.

Pillars | Building on Top of Strong Foundations



Service Improvement


Innovation Focus

Strong innovative culture fostering competitive advantage
People empowerment stimulates freedom and creativity

Advanced Technical & Business competences

Continuous development of technical & business competencies.
Multidisciplinary team with skills comprising HW, UX/UI, App Development, Analytics & Functional Capabilities.

Strong Industry experience

Successful track record for vertical business and operational solutions in Telco, Utilities, Health, Manufacturing & Connected Products industries.

Best in Class Partners

Microsoft Partner of the Year 2019.
Thingworx reference partner for global IoT platform solution.

Flexibility and Agility

Flexibility on project model – Onsite, Nearshore, Offsite, Hybrid.
The most appropriate solution with short-release cycles and cost-saving focus.

Quality On Delivery

Best practices adoption – CMMI3, ISO 9001, 4559 and 27001.
Driven by Agile, Cyber Security, DevOps, QA, Customer Centric.


Focus on Core Business

  • Customers focus on their business rather than on technology bringing efficiency.
  • Takes on delivery risk – productivity incentive.

Predictable Costs

  • Delivery services for committed value. This helps to keep IT budget planned and better managed.
  • Eliminate the cost of hiring and training new resources.

Fast Reaction to business needs

  • Organizations can flexibly scale up their business alongside with their IT set up.
  • Capacity to ramp-up and ramp-down resources to address the service demands.

Benefit from the latest Technology

  • InnoWave provide experts to manage new technology and products. Organizations don´t have to hunt these niche skills.
  • InnoWave use latest tools and automation techniques for IT Management.

More control on service level

  • Single point of contact dedicated to the service and responsible to communicate with vendors and solve any issue on your behalf.


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