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Why QA professionals from InnoWave?

One of the things that we want in our QA professionals, are the loved for attention and details.​

Another thing that we encourage our QA professionals, are the ability to work under pressure.​

We create space to have, QA professionals with critically thinking and creativity. ​

We encourage our people to look ways to improve the quality assurance process.

What can we offer in QA?

From a traditional QA approach

Where SDLC models with hermetic phases are outdated.

All hands off SDLC (waterfall, v-model) mainly, perform a strict top-down approach, where flows are largely in one direction, and testing follows the same pace.

To a more agility QA approach

Business wants speed with quality

The goal was project milestones with the agreed scope. However, project delays and quality are the rule and not the exception.

Speed (Agility)

Most of executives face increased pressure to release more quickly, facing business demands.


Almost all business leaders say that the future of their business depends on the quality of their software.


Almost all test automation solutions use AI or will use, in the near future.

To achieve a QA Continuous Testing (QACT)

There is a need to adopt a QA model that provide a Continuous Testing (CT), in which applications are tested continuously throughout the entire software development life cycle (SDLC).

The goal of QACT is to evaluate software quality across the SDLC, providing critical feedback earlier and enabling higher-quality and faster deliveries.

QACT is crucial for Testing in the Digital Age in order to have a Digital QA.

QA Offer

In the digital age with light-speed releases, QA must be aligned closely with Client SDLC.
QA is built on the foundation of our bold thought-leadership, Skills, Certifications and Proven Practices.

QA Assessment

Strategic Consultant to identify current needs, pain-points and the maturity level of “as-is”.

We use our
STAR Methodology with proven results to achieve your “to-be” goals.

TaaS (Test as a Service)

Upgrade the quality of your software with a certified QA team.

PeM (Performance Management)

PeM is the practice of monitoring applications performance & management.

PeM detects and diagnoses complex application performance problems to maintain an expected level of service.

Certified Training

We are an accredited training provider allowing you to be a Certified Professional.

Certified Training

We are an accredited training provider allowing you to be a Certified Professional.

Key Differentiators

True Partnership

  • Transparency and open communication, creating a trust-based relationship.
  • Continuous improvement mindset, applying a constant evaluation and enhancement approach to the team’s practices, processes, and services.
    Agility and openness to change.

Flexible and global delivery model

  • Combining Offshore scalability, extended coverage of working hours and cost optimization with the nearshore flexibility (pool of technical experts available onsite with short notice) together with local on-site staff offers a full range of staffing possibilities and solutions.
  • Key people with strong experience to be located on-site to strengthen the communication and coordination capabilities.

Employees first culture

  • Mature Talent Management framework, ensuring all team members have regular meetings with supervisors, yearly goals, training and career path, all contributing to a growth mindset culture;
  • “Best in class” employee satisfaction (Internal ESS rate, Glassdoor: 98%, 2022 Winner of “Best Companies to work for” – Category Big Companies);
  • Low churn rate as foundation of stability and efficient operations.

Complementary service offer

  • Cybersecurity Operations team (SecOps) to monitor application security (NOC) and to operate, monitor and configure the Web Application Firewall.

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