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Are your operations too reliant on manual processes which could be automated?

Do your operational initiatives have a long time-to-market?

Do your automated services require too many man-hours of manual supervision?

Do your automated services run without orchestration or monitoring?

Are you asking the right questions with your data? Can you understand why something happened, reaching the root cause of observations?

Are you struggling to create actionable insights, which could optimize your business, from raw information?


Why it matters

Successful companies are:

  • Making automation a strategic priority;
  • Introducing automation in their businesses and making it intelligent;
  • Developing operational models that enable scaling and optimization of processes

What Automation brings to the table

  • A new operational model that enables scaling
  • A shift from running uncoordinated efforts within siloes to end-to-end operations
  • McKinsey*: 45 percent of employee activities can be automated by adopting current technologies
  • Adoption of AIOps methods and technologies to orchestrate and optimize processes with AI components such as NLP, lifting the above metric by 13 percent*.

*McKinsey Quarterly, Four fundamentals of workplace automation, 1 November 1 2015.
McKinsey Survey, The Imperatives for automation success, 25 August 2020.


Most common approaches:

  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Business Process Management

Competitive Advantage by leveraging Intelligent Automation:

  • Machine-learning algorithms and automated process-mining and discovery tools.
  • Image-recognition technologies, such as OCR
  • Conversation-automation technologies such as voice assistants and chatbots.

What can we offer

We partner with our clients by understanding the customer needs, delineating a strategy for existing business optimization and providing the services and technological know-how to implement it.

We offer services to help companies leverage modern technology to optimise their operations, focusing on:

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Intelligent Process Automation

These services exploit InnoWave comprehensive approach to software development and operation, competences and innovation culture.

Our offer

Strategy for guidance on how to optimize your business through automation.

Comprehensive services for designing, developing and operating Intelligent Processes.

Offer anchored in the key vectors:

Advanced Analytics:

  • Data Science approach combining Statistics, Data Visualization and Agility

Intelligent Process Automation:

  • Infuse automated tasks with AI-based functionalities leveraging existing accelerators:
    • Chatbots
    • Data Crawler
    • Smart OCR

Advanced Analytics

Data Science Services to implement Advanced Analytics on your processes, extracting actionable insights from your data. By knowing your processes you can not only optimise them and increase the service quality, but also improve the user experience.


Conversation-automation accelerator framework to ease the friction in communications with humans. Capable of triggering and orchestrating automated processes. Improves user experience and enables efficient issue resolution.

Intelligent Process Automation / SMART OCR

End-to-end prototype solution to process documents and extract structured information and metadata, built on top of cloud-powered AI OCR. Enables the automation of manual processes.

Data Crawler

Solution to ingest textual data such as news pieces and process them with Natural Language Understanding extracting structured information. Increase the knowledge about your customers and suppliers.

Key Differentiators

Innovation mindset

Cross-disciplinary expertise across development areas

Existing accelerators integrating AI services

Certified Professionals in major clouds

Value oriented

Technical Competencies

Data Enginering

  • Interacting with databases, datalakes, data warehouses;
  • Data Import and Processing Pipelines and functions.

Data Science

  • Data Science lifecycle from whiteboard to production, including data labelling and model training.

Advanced Analytics

  • Data exploration, correlation, hypothesis testing to investigate root causes and deliver actionable insights.
  • Agile data visualization and story telling.

Cloud Cognitive Services

  • Integration and orchestration of state-of-the-art cloud AI models as a service;
  • Fully managed services, typically billable on a per-usage basis.


  • Containerisation, deployment and monitoring of software deliverables;
  • Code, data and model versioning to achieve MLOps.

Technologies and Certifications

Main Technologies used

Software Development

  • .NET, Java, Node.js
  • Python
  • JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Angular, React & React Native
  • iOS, Android
  • Appian, Mendix
  • PowerBI


  • SQL Server, Postgres
  • MongoDB
  • Azure CosmosDB and Tables, AWS DynamoDB

Data Engineering Tools

  • Azure Data Factory


  • Docker Container
  • Lambda/Serverless Functions

Cloud AI platforms

  • Azure Cognitive Services
  • Azure Machine Learning


Microsoft Certifications

  • Azure Fundamentals
  • AI Fundamentals
  • Azure Data Science Solution
  • Azure Administrator
  • Azure Security Technologies

AWS Certifications

  • AWS Certified Developer
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Data Crawlingof Supplier Newsfor a Spanish Startup


Autonomously extract information about suppliers from news sources in a platform for supplier risk management.


  • Engine to fetch news daily for thousands of companies (suppliers)
  • Processing pipeline using multi-language NLP tools, internal algorithms and trained neural networks to:
    • Identify important feeds to companies
    • Tag and categorize feeds
    • Detect sentiment level


  • Automatic tool to provide structured information to risk scoring systems;
  • Provision of news clippings about suppliers to analysts in a Backoffice portal.

ChatBot for Backoffice processes in Portuguese Major Telco


Create and deploy a chatbot to accelerate and optimize processes in Telco Backoffice.


  • Web-based Virtual Assistant for Call-Center operators;
  • Installation of the InnTeract platform in client Azure Cloud tenant;
  • Developed on top of Azure Cognitive Services: LUIS and Bots QnA;
  • Customizations and integrations with customer systems:
    • Integration/Middleware layer, such as TIBCO;
    • Connection to RPA system, such as UiPath.
    • CRM system for response-time-to-customers optimization;
  • Easy triggering of automated backend processes through the chatbot;
  • Automatic triggering of Frontend actions based on the conversation between bot and call-center agent, thus reducing human action;
  • Backoffice web portal with real-time access to all conversations.


  • Faster, more efficient internal processes;
  • Better costumer satisfaction.

ChatBot channel for Portuguese Major Energy Company employees Frequently Asked Questions


Create and deploy a chatbot to optimize internal communications.


  • Support of multiple conversation workflows;
  • Construction and access to the bot Knowledge Base;
  • Front-End Application and customization for omnichannel integration using client UI/UX of internal portals;
  • Developed on top of Azure Cognitive Services: LUIS and Bots QnA;
  • Quality-of-Conversation module mapped to all conversations (in backlog).


  • Faster, more efficient internal processes;
  • Better costumer satisfaction.

Advanced Analytics for leading Portuguese payment platform loyalty program


The payment platform has a gamification module which manages a huge volume of user interaction data. There was no operational control over volumes of usage of the platform, nor any analysis of events or root causes.


Creating of a data analytics platform synchronised with production data. Integrated analytics work, with focus in building appropriate data models and developing and deploying visualization dashboards to uncover insights.


The client acquired an analytics visual dashboard to monitor its key data, including user interaction.
The client acquired the capability of investigating issues, uncovering root causes and thus creating actionable insights.

What's in itfor you?

Take control of your application. Be proactive and not reactive.

Reduce your cost and headcount with continuous improvement and get:

Innovation – New ways to continuously improve the service with new innovative tools, concepts and methods.

Flexibility on the project model and elastic supply of resources – Onsite, Nearshore, Offshore.

Predictability of upcoming issues, reduced number of critical issues, reduced downtimes.

Reusable Assets, benefit from our own assets (products, solutions, frameworks and accelerators) and decrease turn-around times while containing costs.

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Success stories


VeBP Developed for Vodafone


  • Java
  • Hibernate
  • GWT
  • Oracle DB
  • Jboss AS


Collect provisioning information from various UE countries OpCo’s to standardize customer information and address pricing enquiry.


  • Ensure the standardization (business rules and validations ) of the information, as in each country the subscriptions are managed in a different way;
  • Controls the integration with the central billing system alerting the business users in case of any failure;
  • Integrate with existing billing system;
  • Securely transfer sensitive customer data information between EU countries.


  • Automate and reduce the manual work to consolidate all the EU subscriptions in one platform;
  • Start offering new products;
  • Improve operational effectiveness;
  • Increased the customer satisfaction by aggregation all the EU subscriptions in just one invoice;
  • Reduce manual intervention;
  • Reduce IT spending.

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