Amazon’s AWS has launched Amazon Q, a chat tool enabling businesses to ask tailored questions about their data. Introduced during AWS reinvent by CEO Adam Selipsky, Amazon Q acts as an AI assistant, allowing users to query company-specific information without extensive document sifting. Accessible via AWS Management Console, company documentation pages, and third-party apps like Slack, Q is designed not to train foundational models.

Leveraging AWS’s repository of AI models, it offers customizable integration with Bedrock models like Meta’s Llama 2 and Anthropic’s Claude 2. Primarily available for Amazon Connect users, Amazon Q will expand to other services like Supply Chain and QuickSight. Dilip Kumar, AWS Applications VP, highlighted its tailored deployment across services; for instance, on Connect, it aids in real-time customer inquiries.

Priced at $40 per agent per month initially, Amazon Q offers a free trial until March 1, 2024. It respects security parameters, limiting access to authorized data. Comparable tools from Microsoft (Copilot) and Dropbox (Dash) exist, emphasizing the demand for such AI-driven functionalities. AWS also introduced guardrails for Bedrock users, enabling data privacy compliance and responsible AI standards, a vital aspect for regulated industries like finance and healthcare. Redacting personally identifiable information is on the horizon but not immediately available.

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