The digital age has revolutionized the way in which companies work; you can buy almost anything on line, payments are now electronic, and every device is on course to have a digital footprint – if they don’t already! With this in mind, it seems only natural that as the technology at our disposal has developed, we as humans have begun to form a digital identity and our use of cloud technology alters our day-to-day experiences.

The gaming revolution 

The continued digital evolution has also enabled those of all ages, beliefs and backgrounds to connect on a global scale in increasingly interactive real-time experiences; take for example the recent phenomenon of Pokémon Go. The ability for technology to bring so many people together creating shared goals and objectives, and transforming behaviours and habits, as well as establishing a profitable business, is astonishing.

The evolution of lifestyle

We can also see a significant increase in the concern with establishing a better lifestyle from people of all ages; from introducing more sporting activity into our routines, to a healthier diet, we are all adapting our habits to accommodate a better standard of living.

These changes in habit are evidently of importance, and advances in technology now mean that we can be better supported in maintaining our commitments to achieve our goals, overcome setbacks and encourage our strength of will.

The challenge of citizenship

Understanding that each of us individually continues to pursue new challenges, create new personal habits, and transform our lifestyles in accordance with technological advances, the community around us develops too.

Imagine a world, a country, or even a city where an application challenges every citizen to engage in practicing acts of citizenship, just as Pokémon Go has ignited camaraderie and friendly competition. Imagine an application that encourages habits that promote greater social awareness, using the digital world to promote, challenge and reward acts of citizenship. Before long everyone will want to be the best in your street, or see your street become the best in your city, or maybe even push for your city to become the best in your country for example.

Through effectively using the advances in technology, our desires to better ourselves, and the accessibility we now have to these new digital platforms, we have the opportunity to leverage change and promote the spirit of citizenship for a better world.

Simple, isn’t it?



By our CTO  Pedro Pinto