More than that we ensure Online and Offline Monitoring

Online data with mobile access points installed at factory warehouses, distribution centers, and inside vehicles, allows 24/7 real-time monitoring of temperatures of the vaccine containers. The Sensors automatically transmits its data to the ViGIE Cloud platform whenever it is in range of the network, without any human intervention. Offline mode with automated data download is also available.

Our Solution highly accurate Cold Chain Monitoring 

The temperature data loggers meet the most stringent class of the EU regulation for data loggers EN12830:2018 accuracy class 0.2. The measuring equipment also has been calibrated to assure very secure and reliable monitoring of the temperature-sensitive vaccines. A combination of the sensor with an external Pt100 probe provides records of ambient temperatures as well as the (ultralow) temperatures at the vaccines themselves, enabling you to calculate how long the container will stay inside the required limits in its current state. 

It’s simply disruptive 

ViGIE by InnoWave Platform offers a single source of temperature records from production until consumption. Our user-friendly and sustainable online platform is validated and meets the regulatory requirements of FDA 21 CFR part 11. 

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