OpenAI has developed a new app called Sora, which aims to master cinema without going to film school. Sora is currently a research product being tested by select creators and security experts.

The app stands out for its photorealism and ability to produce longer clips than its competitors, up to one minute. The AI-generated videos are impressive, with examples including a detailed scene of snowy Tokyo and an animated fluffy monster. Sora uses a version of the diffusion model used by OpenAI’s Dalle-3 image generator and the transformer-based engine of GPT-4, showing an emergent grasp of cinematic grammar and storytelling. However, OpenAI is cautious about the potential for deepfakes and misinformation and plans to implement the same content restrictions as Dall-E 3. The company is also aware of potential copyright issues. Despite these challenges, Sora has the potential to transform social media platforms by empowering users to create high-quality content.


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