InnoWave and Magic Beans launched MagicWave

InnoWave and Magic Beans will come together to launch MagicWave, which will specialize in implementation and consulting services in Salesforce technology.

In a statement, it is known that this is the cause of a joint venture that unites two companies, the first being technological and the second specialized in cloud solutions. The new company aims for an “aggressive growth plan”, to reach a total of 100 employees in the next three years.

MagicWave’s focus will be, therefore, on the Portuguese market, but the idea is to become an international brand. For this reason, you are responsible for “taking advantage of the network of subsidiaries and the local presence of InnoWave and Magic Beans”.

According to the CEO of InnoWave, Tiago Gonçalves, “the union of the experiences of InnoWave and MagicBeans allows MagicWave to offer highly complementary solutions in the areas of integration, cloud and development.”

The CEO of MagicBeans, Vitor Rodrigues, stated, in turn, that the partnership created “opportunities for both companies.”