In April, at the beginning of Pandemic in Portugal, the Sem Filas app was launched to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, by reducing unnecessary exposure to other people in the street.

Developed by InnoWave, Sem Filas app allows anyone to see in real-time the waiting time in the queues of establishments in their vicinity. Based on community participation, the app assumes the involvement of its users through the sharing of information about the time they have been in a queue when going to an establishment, thus being able to inform the community and avoid clusters and unnecessary exposure.

This project had the support of several partners, including the Government, Altice, A-to-be, Arrow Electronics, CTT and Banco CTT, SIBS (with integration in MBWAY), Microsoft, Cascais Municipal Council and the companies of the InnoWave group, ViGIE and yubuy. All worked together to enhance the use of this app and improve the service provided to the population.

Altogether, Sem Filas had an impact on more than 100.000 Portuguese, helping them to decide the best time and place to go when shopping. Those same 100.000 Portuguese contributed and used the app in more than 25 thousand integrated stores.

Beyond stores and chemists, Sem Filas also helped to facilitate the beach season, having integrated 600 beaches with occupancy information.

With the return to the “new normal”, queues have reduced, the rules for the occupation of spaces changed and with these changes, the criticality reduced and use of the app reduced.

Consequently, it will no longer be available from July 31st.

 This is a solution that comes under the motto of Changing Lives Through Innovation: at a time when the world needed to readjust InnoWave acted proactively together with partners, to respond to an urgent need.

With 12 years of history, and headquarters in Portugal, the InnoWave Group has become a global player of excellence, employing around 350 employees worldwide. InnoWave is today a reference in the creation of innovative solutions, which contribute to improving the quality of life of the world population.