Validair Monitoring Solutions reports a step-change in its support infrastructure for ViGIE monitoring solutions thanks to the recent acquisition by global digital transformation business InnoWave.

The progressive new owner of ViGIE is investing in the company’s pioneering cloud hosting platform and is set to deliver a renewed focus on the healthcare sector.

Under its new owner, ViGIE will accelerate a development programme for its acclaimed range of IoT sensors and devices that transmit real-time data to the ViGIE cloud platform. The cloud hosting model transforms remote monitoring and critical control across multiple parameters and locations. Refinements to the ViGIE platform and enhanced product ranges are supported by applications expertise and service delivery worldwide. In the UK, that supply and support will be delivered by Validair.

“We have been supplying and installing ViGIE systems across the UK for over four years,” explains Validair MD Steve Wake. “We are delighted with the new organisational structure and confident that a renewed focus on the ViGIE platform and product portfolio by InnoWave will significantly strengthen the business.”

Wake and his team at Validair expect InnoWave to transform ViGIE’s intelligent digital infrastructure. That, aligned with the fact that cloud-based digital service solutions for remote monitoring are being rapidly embraced countrywide, puts the Malvern-based company in the ideal position to contribute substantially to ViGIE’s growth.

“It fits remarkably well with our expanding expertise and resource base in monitoring technology and cleanrooms for the healthcare sector,” says Wake. “We already have visibility of several exciting ViGIE developments, and we are looking forward to rolling out enhanced product solutions and innovative features to existing and new Validair customers,” he adds.


Source : CleanRoom Technology