ViGIE Solutions by InnoWave took another step in the implementation of integrated solutions for continuous monitoring, developing an innovative project with the portuguese Navy Cultural Commission.

The project consists of the implementation of monitoring devices in three cultural units: Maritime Museum, the Central Maritime Library and the Calouste Gulbenkian Planetarium. This implementation is already guaranteeing the control of environmental conditions in closed spaces of these cultural places, monitoring indicators such as temperature and humidity. The main goal is to protect the important collection of works of art, which are unique pieces that require extremely strict preservation techniques.

The importance of monitoring

The tool developed by ViGIE Solutions for the Navy Cultural Commission includes sensors that transmit the monitored data in real time to a server, which automatically stores the information, making it available on an online platform and mobile app that can be accessed by the users anytime and anywhere.

The solution guarantees all monitoring and control needs by automatically collecting data from sensors and generating alerts (by email, message and app) if changes in parameters are recorded. In addition, different reports on the performance of facilities and equipment are generated.

The monitoring of spaces and equipment plays an extremely relevant role in ensuring the quality of cultural assets and is based on an important premise: the growing importance of data monitoring using Internet of Things (IoT) tools.

In today’s reality, what cannot be measured, cannot be managed, resulting in inefficiency. Hence, traceability is one of the key factors resulting from monitoring. The real-time information provided by analysis tools, equipped with intelligent alarm and reporting, are nowadays essential for organizations that want to be efficient. The enormous added value of managing an organization, based on real information, which not only shows us the present but also gives us predictability of the future, is an enormous asset.

ViGIE: tailor-made IoT solutions specialist

ViGIE Solutions – Facilities and Equipment Surveillance and Management – is a company dedicated to the development of integrated continuous monitoring solutions, as well as facilities maintenance management.

The solutions are designed to be flexible, easy friendly and completely customizable. ViGIE main business areas are Healthcare, Pharmaceutical Production, Food Safety and Energy Monitoring.

With a 10-year know-how and more than 250 customers in countries such as Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and Italy, ViGIE has a strong presence especially in the health area, with customers such as NHS (UK), Fundação Champalimaud, Centro Hospitalar e Universitário do Porto, Centro Hospitalar e Universitário Lisboa Norte and Hospital La Paz (Madrid).

Monitoring various indicators, the company’s solutions have a wide range of practical applications, from Environmental Conditions in several areas up to applications in reproductive medicine, laboratories, blood storage, incubators, surgery and cleanrooms or pharmaceutical coldchain monitoring in Healthcare.