yubuy is a T-Commerce solution and by providing audiences with an interactive and personalized shopping experience is taking T-Commerce to a new stage. The same can be said regarding the opportunities it opens for companies and brands which can boost their sales in this new competitive arena.


Born from the merging of TV sales and E-Commerce, T-Commerce is a rising solution for online shopping via TV: consumers are comfortably at their couches and their remote is all they need to order from a shopping channel. yubuy is one of the few solutions with strong track-record on the area.

About eight years passed since InnoWave’s launched the first yubuy version and since inception it was able to run in every household with a smart TV or set-top box (STB) to allow fast, secure and reliable transactions.

Its integration with TV operators enabled a better buying experience – no application to install, no register need, paying details sent to mobile phone, automatic shipment after payment, etc. – and the same integration with partner companies and brands assured different sales platforms with products and services continually update.

yubuy opens a new competitive and effective sales channel

Today, yubuy provides this offer but is also allowing targeted advertising to enter directly in the television contents. This smart interactive sales innovation means that while watching a wine show or a motor show on their screens, viewers can directly buy a particular wine or car with a few commands on their remotes.

This way, yubuy is opening a new interactive and effective sales arena:

  • Simple: sellers can user their traditional TV ads an insert call to action contents. It is yubuy team who establishes the agreements with TV channels to insert these simple short call to action.
  • Contextualized: by merging content, advertising and sale, Interactive T-Commerce is much more effective than regular techniques of product placement, television sales or even than advertorial approaches.
  • Targeted: sellers are able to choose channels and specialized programs related to what they are selling and in which viewers are really interested, targeting audiences by content preferences to a most effective cost per contact.
  • Measurable: with the direct outcome being a sale, companies and brands can know how cost-efficient their call to action is. They can know exactly what their cost per purchaser is, which is not possible with traditional TV advertising, and they can know as well who bought their product or service as in an online ad campaign or e-commerce platform.
  • Proactive approach: Contrary to what happens in an e-commerce platform, where consumers need to search for an item, yubuy makes a proactive approach to potential buyers and (when used in the right context) makes it in a timing they are predisposed to the message.

T-Commerce: the case of Portugal

Being a small country (and a small market) Portugal was one of the T-Commerce pioneers, with Vodafone opening a dedicated channel in 2012 in a partnership with InnoWave T-Commerce solution.

Nowadays, yubuy is available on the three TV companies operating in Portugal Vodafone, NOS and MEO, with no other device needed than the TV box and the remote control. It offers a substantial set of active brands, from food to cars and sports shops. Food, for instance, accounts for about 1 million US Dollars in monthly sales, with pizza brands ( Telepizza and Pizza Hut) on sales top.

Some other T-Commerce experiences were made – like the one by H&M in its interactive ad broadcasted during 2014 SuperBall commercial break, inviting viewers to buy the same underwear David Beckhem was using -, but none was so advanced and structured as yubuy. In H&M case, it was a usual ad with an interactive layer only available for Samsung Smart TV users.

By the way, Samsung is other yubuy partner, with T-Commerce available for Samsung smart TV Portuguese owners since 2017, the same year yubuy was rewarded with a World Summit Award.