As we dive into 2024, let’s start with a bang, let’s start with tech trends and precictions for 2024!

This year, the spotlight remains on the ongoing AI revolution reshaping our tech landscape. Building upon 2023’s AI focus momentum, 2024 continues the narrative, emphasizing transforming IT structures and organizations into AI-centric entities. While the conversation around AI might seem repetitive, this year is dedicated to its potential, steering our tech world toward a future driven by AI innovation. Without further ado, here are the five top trends and predictions shaping the tech and AI scene for 2024:

AI Everywhere – A world reimagined. 

In 2024, AI will be everywhere, shaping how we work, play, and create. Imagine creating beautiful art or writing stories without needing lots of skills or time. With generative AI, anyone can now whip up amazing content in just minutes. It’s making creativity accessible to everyone, skilled or not. But that’s just the start! AI isn’t staying in the background. It’s jumping into our daily tasks, updating records, leaving comments, and helping without waiting for us to ask. It’s seamlessly blending into how we do things. Professions like finance or accounting are changing too.

AI is taking over repetitive tasks, helping with research, and making reports, freeing up experts to focus on specialized work. Games are getting a makeover as well! AI-powered characters feel like real friends, personalized and engaging. Plus, our text-based AI buddies are turning into lifelike 3D avatars, making conversations feel more real and interactive. What’s amazing is how AI is reaching into places it couldn’t before. It’s gathering tricky data and changing entire industries, making things better and more efficient for everyone. So, in 2024, AI isn’t just a cool tech thing; it’s becoming a part of our everyday lives, making things more creative, efficient, and enjoyable!

AI Governance – Safe AI

AI projects are in demand, but putting AI into the data system is complicated. Organizations want to use AI to get amazing insights from all their data, but it’s not easy, since AI’s success depends on having good quality, secure, and private data. That’s where AI governance comes in.

AI governance is like rules for using AI, just like we have rules for handling data. It needs to work closely with data rules. Unlike older AI, newer AI involves more people and has different technical concepts. So, the rules need to suit lots of different roles, like data experts, engineers, and security teams. In 2024, there’ll be a big focus on AI governance. Companies will work hard on tools and systems to make sure AI is used responsibly and safely. Lots of rules and guidelines have come out to make sure AI is used the right way, and companies will work to follow these rules to make AI better and safer for everyone.

Evolution of Data Platforms – The Next logical transition to enterprise data platform architecture 

The vision is to transition from existing warehouse/lake-centric data platforms to more intelligent versions. Simultaneously, there’s a call to streamline user interfaces for easier utilization while anticipating intelligent applications to spearhead productivity in the coming decade. By 2024, enterprises face the imperative to re-evaluate their data platform architecture. They must tackle challenges related to data fragmentation, silos, quality, and duplication. High-quality curated data and metadata are pivotal for successful generative AI initiatives. An intelligent data platform, coupled with associated data applications, stands poised to furnish the foundational infrastructure required for enabling AI use cases.

AI Information Agents – Automation has been taken to the next level. 

In late 2023, the term “AI agent” became popular. Imagine an AI agent like a clever computer program that can understand things, think through problems, make decisions, and take actions all on its own, just like humans. There’s a big interest in testing these AI agents to see how much they can improve how businesses work and how we interact with machines. Researchers are working on ways to combine thinking and action for these AI agents. They could help with tasks like analysing data, creating business reports, managing processes, or even handling things like scheduling or basic customer support. It’s believed that these AI information agents will become more common over the next few years, especially in 2024, as we make big progress in making and using them.

AI + Blockchain – Democratizing AI

In 2024, something big is happening with AI and crypto. Right now, only a few big companies control AI because it’s costly to train and use. But with decentralized blockchains, things are changing. Imagine a global market where anyone can share their computer power or new data for AI and get rewarded for it. This is making AI more affordable and open to everyone. AI brings amazing things, but it also brings fake content problems. Crypto tech is stepping in to track down where this fake stuff comes from, making things safer online. The cool part is, in 2024, we’re seeing these ideas becoming real. Organizations are experimenting with ways to make AI fairer and safer for everyone using these decentralized systems. It’s like a new chapter for AI, making it more open and trustworthy.

… and that’s it! Buckle up for a year packed with innovation, breakthroughs, and game-changing strides. Stay tuned for deeper insights into each trend and how they’re set to reshape our tech landscape. Let’s dive into the future together!