In 2024, the biggest challenge we see continues to be attracting and retaining talent. As a people-centred technology company, talent is our fundamental asset. To keep improving this aspect, it is essential to have a healthy culture, based on principles, always focusing on flexibility and responsibility, and continually investing in the employee’s career development. We also believe that is very important to invest in advanced technologies as innovation enhancers and to always be at the forefront of technological adoption, speed is fundamental.

In terms of opportunities, we see the use of generative artificial intelligence as a key factor in increasing human productivity and creativity. We also see a great opportunity to help companies accelerate the digital transition, always with sustainability in mind.
2 In terms of the biggest disruption without a doubt, generative artificial intelligence will have a transversal impact ranging from the areas of marketing and sales, product development, service and operations management, SW engineering, and risk management, to the financial and HR areas. For the first time, we have a technological advance that calls into question the areas with the greatest added value, the so-called “white collar” jobs. As optimistic people, we believe that this revolution will significantly increase human capabilities, not replace them.

We also have a series of other technologies that are in a mature phase and full adoption, such as cloud and edge computing, low-code, cyber security, applied artificial intelligence, IoT and advanced connectivity (5G, IoT /LPWAN, Satellites). In terms of technologies that are promising or already at the stage of maturity, but that still have some challenges to resolve, we see immersive realities (AR/VR) and Web 3.0.


Source : Executive IT Leaders Yearbook