As you know during the last days the Corona Virus was characterized as Pandemic. We believe that it is important to keep everyone updated on important information.

Our first priority is to ensure protection of our employees, consequently last Wednesday we took the decision to put the vast majority of our employees working from home. InnoWave has all the conditions (laptops, access to collaboration tools, mobile phone) to work remotely and we are strongly advising our people to stay at home and avoid public spaces, especially crowded areas. We have stopped all non-essential business travel, being that only in very exceptional cases travelling will be allowed.

We would like to thank our customers for the support and collaboration during this phase, this is a challenging situation but jointly we will overcome it. We will take important lessons for the future on the way we work and things we value, this is also an opportunity to learn!

We are also working with our partners and authorities to use our skills and technology in order to help populations staying safe, we have that responsibility as a company.#stayathome