InnoWave has decided to reinforce its commitment to digital security by creating a special unit dedicated strictly to cybersecurity, thus strengthening a department that already existed in the company. This essential unit complements InnoWave’s portfolio and is now part of the group’s integrated solutions to meet the needs of our many customers.

This launch comes at a time when technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G – innovations that make everything more connected (cars, houses, offices, appliances, sensors, etc.) – also bring new cyber risks.

In line with our mission, InnoWave’s focus is to help organizations worldwide to derive significant business value by using the IoT as a strategic part of their business, offering a unique opportunity to deliver innovative services using information from millions of connected devices.

True security lies in anticipation

A more technologically intensive business is also more exposed to attacks and other cyber risks. This does not mean that these risks cannot be identified and readily mitigated. For this to happen, companies must be prepared with predictive and transversal security policies and procedures that significantly reduce the associated risks; hence, the creation by InnoWave of a unit dedicated to cybersecurity.

The operating method of this new unit is to carry out a case-by-case risk analysis, based on the business objectives and risk of each company. In fact, this is a key differentiating factor of this new unit: its business-oriented focus, with a focus on Security as a Partner..

This essential risk assessment is intended to give a company an image of its current state of cyber resilience from which measures can be taken to reduce risks. Once the main risks are identified, permanent monitoring of the cybersecurity unit continuously searches for potential new threats.

True security lies in anticipation. While cyber risks are known, a company’s response to cybersecurity issues often happens at the worst moment: in the middle of an attack. In addition to the immediate costs resulting from a security breach, the long-term impact may be irreparable. Cyber risk, a complex and constantly evolving threat, is not static, and neither is the best way to combat it.

The new InnoWave cybersecurity team

InnoWave’s new cybersecurity unit, whose motto is ‘Security as a partner’, is led by three specialists, each with his own area of competence.

Rui Carvalho is the head of the division and focuses largely on research and analysis. Rui has 25 years’ experience in team leading and management. He developed a career based on IT networks that quickly evolved into a specialized security and innovation manager. Rui has wide experience in several sectors, including telecommunications and banking, security of payment transactions and terminals, electronic fraud detection, investigation and prevention.

Pedro Sousa is a specialist in defence against cybersecurity threats. Pedro has more than 20 years of experience in engineering and cybersecurity. In 2015, after 15 years as a security engineer creating solutions in financial companies, he decided to focus entirely on cybersecurity, working with telecommunications and consulting companies to design and implement processes that detect, investigate and respond to cybersecurity threats and incidents.

Diogo Ferreira is the offensive specialist; he is dedicated to studying different threats to cybersecurity, testing the ever-changing forms of attack and discovering the vulnerabilities of current systems. Diogo started his career as a software engineer, where he participated in security-related projects like the design and implementation of a secure authentication schema for public systems. Working as a pen tester for a couple of years, he later became the lead pen tester in a multinational company.