Portuguese technology company reinforces commitment to improving product development.

 InnoWave reaches maturity in the management of its processes – Capability Maturity Model Integration – Development (CMMI-DEV) certification


InnoWave, a Portuguese technology leader in the development of innovation and digital transformation solutions, announces the renewal of its Capability Maturity Model Integration – Development (CMMI-DEV) certification, a model that assesses the level of maturity of a company’s processes with the aim of guiding it towards the best development of its products.


‘With the growth of our activity in the international markets, especially in the United States, a market that is expected to hold 50% of the total business in the coming years, we recognize the importance of this certification as a way to differentiate ourselves from the other players through the international recognition of our organizational maturity’, says Tiago Gonçalves, CEO of InnoWave.


He adds, ‘The CMMI-DEV model allows the company to adopt the best process management practices, which not only facilitate the pursuit of strategic business objectives, guarantee customer satisfaction and reinforce our commitment to innovation, but also guide us to improve the quality of products and reduce their cost and production time’.


The technology is currently classified as CMMI-DEV level 3. According to the CMMI Institute, the organization responsible for this certification process, this level of maturity indicates that the company has a well-defined process pattern that allows it to effectively guide the development of its products.


A few words about InnoWave:

With 12 years of existence and headquarters in Portugal, InnoWave has become a global player adhering to high standards of excellence, with around 350 employees worldwide, being around 80% in Portugal. With offices in Portugal, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United States of America and India, it has more than 100 global customers in more than 20 countries around the globe, from New Zealand to Iceland. InnoWave has set benchmark today in creating innovative, life-changing solutions.