InnoWave has been recognized as one of the best companies to work for in Portugal, in a ranking put together by EXAME magazine, Everis consulting firm and AESE Business School. This eight-time distinction is a celebration of our resolve in nurturing national talent and boosting teams through training.


Innovation, empowerment and creativity. These are the building blocks of InnoWave’s DNA that allow us to pursue, every day, our mission of changing lives through innovation.

1Changing lives in your neighbourhood, your city and across the world, but starting right here, in our core, at InnoWave’s workplace. Success is always a plural narrative and the innovative DNA of our company empowers our teams to excel and develop disruptive technologies.


This distinction of being a top employer shows that we are in the right track regarding our team strategy and workplace environment. Since the founding of our company, 11 years ago, in Lisbon, we knew that innovation doesn’t appear out of thin air. It is an output of hard work and highly talented people. Our growth as a tech leader attests that innovating at home is the first step towards successful products and solutions in the market.


From company lunches to the world (bringing innovation to the world stage)


Being recognised, year after year, as one of the best companies to work for sparks a frequent question: how did you do it and how can I replicate it in my own company? Unfortunately, there is no right and scalable formula to workplace wellbeing and teams’ motivation. Each company has their own path to follow to achieve excellence. At InnoWave, we match our DNA to our company’s culture in order to foster creativity and entice disruptive innovation.


Brainstorming, for instance, is one of our most common practices. If you visit our offices, you will probably see us engaging in passionate talks about our projects and concepts. Exchange of ideas at lunchtime and informal meetings are frequent and empower us to go further.


Our gamification platform InnGage is a great example of how a suggestion in one informal meeting was developed as a product. The same happened with our meeting room management and marking system that is now widely used outside InnoWave’s offices.


The innovation circle – from informal brainstorming to product development and go-to-market – is the front stage of internal processes focused on our team’s empowerment and capacity building. Training has always been a very strong bet (with a tracked history of almost 4000 hours of training), but it is becoming even more crucial, as new and more ambitious challenges arise for InnoWave.


Showcasing Portuguese talent

Earlier this year, InnoWave has presented a new internal reorganization and a new three-axis development strategy (2019-2022): strengthening the presence in the United States, continuing the acquisitions strategy and expanding the product area to 25% of all revenues. In terms of global results, InnoWave goal is to achieve a six-fold growth in four years.


Team preparation is critical to our strategy and to successfully meet our business goals. Therefore, in addition to the usual technical training, we are now investing in an offer more focused on business and sales.


Besides Portugal and US, InnoWave’s innovative solutions are now present in the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands and India. It is our global technological footprint that allows us to showcase Portuguese talent and skills. More than just acquiring international clients, we are exporting Portuguese technology and highlighting the incomparable skills and creativity of our people. Today, InnoWave sells 65% of its cross-border solutions and our perspective is that, over the next year, that percentage will rise to 80% thanks to the expected growth in the US market.


With a workforce of 335 exceptional people, we have no doubts that our future will continue to be innovative and bright. More than being pleased for the recognition as a top Portuguese employee, we are proud of our people, their talents and their urge to innovate every day. Our role is simple: to provide the best workplace conditions for them to thrive.