Over time, the cybernetic element of crime infiltrates almost all areas of criminal activity and in all activities and geographies. These attacks are largely successful due to inadequate security measures or insufficient awareness of users.

In the last few months, effective cybersecurity took a huge leap from being important to being essential. The social effects of COVID 19 and the need imposed to many companies to send employees to work from home, with very little warning, demonstrate that many were not prepared or rushed to accomplish the seemingly impossible. Cybersecurity, so often overlooked, has become a priority. The old security perimeters are outdated with the new realities of mobility and teleworking.

In this second part of our InnoTalks Episode -Discussing Cybersecurity with Microsoft – we will deep dive into Microsoft’s cybersecurity tools specifics.

We’ll have an in-depth discussion of Azure Sentinel, Security Center, and the new Azure Defender, on how they can be integrated to provide a comprehensive security platform for both cloud and on-premises infrastructures.

We will also share some examples of specific attack types and how we can use these tools to both detect and mitigate them.

Stay tuned! Our New InnoTalks Episode is coming!

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