Nowadays, considering the “new normal”, we’re definitely facing new challenges. Living a daily need to adapt to this new reality, where the adoption of IoT solutions has become essential, thus assuming a decisive role in several processes’ automation, throughout different areas of society.

Since the beginning of 2020, the world is struggling with a pandemic and our daily lives have not been the same. The operational limits of the health units are clearly under pressure, in some cases even near crash. The tasks are increasing every minute, in an ultra-demanding period in which the focus is saving lives and fighting against an invisible and lethal agent.

Generate Efficiency and Safety

Facing a pandemic state that so often is chaotic, it’s urgent for the common benefit, to optimize the operational processes, until then discreet or even manual, thus removing pressure from all human resources involved, freeing them out for other priority tasks, while generating efficiency and ensuring everyone’s safety.

Access to real-time information on thousands of critical assets as well as state of the facilities and infrastructures of a hospital, offers us an essential holistic view, assuring high saving levels, considerable quality increases in processes, and a substantial improvement in the safety of Patients, Medical and Technical Staff.

Examples such as the real-time monitoring of the medicine’s cold chain from transport to storage, the equipment status associated with the various laboratory processes, the environmental conditions and the differential pressure of the isolation rooms and cleanrooms, up to the realtime monitoring of the infrastructures for water, energy and medicinal gases supply , are clear and known use-cases where the adoption of IoT solutions developed specifically for those applications, are recognized as an important and decisive tool.

It is important to point out that, considering the pandemic context we are facing, the daily challenges of the equipment’ mobility and the need of an urgent re-qualification and fast conversion of spaces to receiving more patients, are additional reasons for the adoption of IoT solutions, as turnkey solutions that have already proven to be simple and quick to implement and, at the same time, maintain the level of compliance and reliability for the purpose for which they are intended.

Mobility and Real-Time Information

Mobility and real-time information are the corollary materialized in added value for the organizations that daily support their operation in IoT solutions such as ViGIE Healthcare IoT, where the collected data associated with artificial intelligence, provide Savings, Compliance, Safety and Efficiency.

IoT solutions thus assume, in such a difficult period for everyone, a decisive and recognized role, as an essential information vehicle and decision support tool.

by Paulo Neto , Pre Sales Manager at ViGIE by InnoWave