The world is driven by constant innovation and creativity. Innovation challenge us to break conventional thoughts on how things were done before, by creating new products and better services that can be used in terms of customer touchpoints.  With creative interactions in new platforms we increase productivity, empower the users and product features such as voice recognition, in order to save time.

Through innovation we can help people with diseases, reduce environmental impact or aesthetically creations. Improve the interface, conduct user research to create better usability and improve accessibility features.

We can change how people interact with the world

Covid-19 challenged us to change and find creative and innovative solutions to communicate with people, to stay active at home and to create faster and innovative scientific solutions.

Creativity and Innovation belong to our daily lives. The way we easily interact with a new app, new platform solution, new streaming program, new chats for conferences. We are creating innovative solutions to work from home and maintaining our life balance. Companies are challenged to change their mindset, and remote work brought all the benefits of that.

Did you know Netflix was a big revolution in video rental games?

In 1997 Netflix appears with innovative characteristics in its products and relative advantages like pay a monthly feed to receive mail-order DVD rentals in 2001 and some big companies that recuse to change the business statement to create a competitive offer closed (like Blockbuster). Nowadays you can watch Netflix streaming anywhere, on your phone, tablet, computer, without the internet.

Keeping ideas simple is the secret – Netflix example

Netflix took a simple concept and turned it into an even simpler one for the final users.
Innovation and creativity are in our soul, every day we can choose to do one thing differently than the usual and be creative in our own lives.

Last week we celebrated World Creativity and Innovation Day, so choose to be creative and innovate in everything you do.

Let’s Change Lives through Innovation Together.

By Andreia Monteiro , Senior UX UI Consultant at InnoWave