Cloud technology has been one of the most significant enablers of organizational growth and performance for the last decade. As part of the IDC cloud roadshow, we saw a series of key topics compiled by top industry experts.

Gabriele Rachello, our CTO, was a speaker at the IDC Cloud Roadshow. With almost 15 years of experience in the IT industry, Gabriele has been involved in some of the most challenging and interesting projects around the globe. For several years he worked as an IT consultant in the telco business. During this time, he came across InnoWave.

Today’s environment requires getting the most value from the cloud. Cloud business principles are attractive, but not every organization can exploit them. Companies will continue to move towards a more digital economy as they embrace the cloud and all its transformations. Businesses are looking for ways to automate operations, provide rich customer experiences, and launch new products – cloud computing can assist. The cloud’s potential, however, cannot be unlocked simply by using magic formulas. Migrating to the cloud can result in higher costs for some organizations. Consequently, IT decision-makers have questioned whether the modern economy is just pure marketing.

Check the presentation here: https:// /yafm261Zu4I