On April 20 Rodrigo Loureiro was at IDC Cyber Security Roadshow presenting Navigating the Shift to Continuous Cyber-Risk Assessments and Scoring using Objective Security Metrics. Increasing cyber threats make traditional annual and quarterly security assessments obsolete. This is leading to a shift towards continuous risk management and assessment. The SEC’s forthcoming cyber-risk scoring standards for publicly traded companies further emphasize the importance of objective security metrics and results measurement, especially as CEOs become increasingly concerned about rising security expenditures without clear returns. Attendees will gain insight into organizations’ efforts to ensure continuous visibility by establishing updated reporting routines. They will also provide objective measures to justify how to focus security expenditures where it matters the most. With a focus on collaboration between IT, cybersecurity, and compliance departments, this presentation is a must-see for anyone looking to keep up to date in the changing cybersecurity landscape and protect their organization’s assets and data consistent with their corporate strategy and aligned with the CEO and board objectives.

The European cybersecurity landscape will continue to evolve rapidly in 2023. Pandemic disruption still lingers, but new disruptive forces are emerging. In addition to ensuring compliance with data protection, privacy, and digital sovereignty regulations, security teams need to protect critical business assets, build trust, and protect critical business assets.

The massive shift to the cloud, the adoption of IT and virtualization, and the development of large supply chain ecosystems are all powerful drivers of growth. They can also lead to less positive outcomes, increasing risk, complexity, and attack surfaces.

The most effective way to solve complex problems is to maintain a combination of data that can support decisions.

Check the full talk here.