Switching to another big player: The Microsoft build 2023 event was a total success, and naturally, Generative AI was the hot topic. Microsoft has introduced Azure AI Studio, a new feature within the Azure OpenAI Service, enabling businesses to create their own AI-powered “copilots.” With Azure AI Studio, customers can combine OpenAI models like ChatGPT or GPT-4 with their own data, be it text or images, to develop chat assistants or other applications that reason over private data. Unlike Microsoft’s existing AI-powered copilots such as Bing Chat, which lack access to proprietary data, those created through Azure AI Studio can leverage an organization’s specific data securely and without the need to train a model on the data. Azure AI Studio simplifies the process of grounding AI models on customer data and provides a valuable tool for building customized copilots. By offering this capability, Microsoft aims to leverage its Azure OpenAI Service and generate revenue while catering to more than 4,500 companies already using the service, including Coursera, Grammarly, Volvo, and IKEA. As an additional enhancement, Microsoft is rolling out updates to boost capacity for high-volume customers, including a new feature called Provisioned Throughput SKU, allowing customers to reserve and deploy model processing capacity on a monthly or yearly basis. This advancement ensures consistent latency and throughput for workloads with consistent characteristics, further encouraging the adoption of Azure OpenAI Service.


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Source : https://techcrunch.com/2023/05/23/microsoft-debuts-azure-ai-studio-to-let-developers-build-their-own-ai-copilots/