Google is launching its AI/LLM-powered Search Generative Experience (SGE) to users who signed up for the Search Labs program. SGE aims to provide answers to longer, multi-step searches by generating AI-powered snapshots of information from multiple sources. These snapshots will appear beneath the search bar with a colour background to distinguish them from regular search results. Google’s large language models, such as MUM and PaLM2, provide objective and neutral responses. SGE will not generate a snapshot if there is insufficient information or low confidence in the response. On the desktop web, relevant websites will be displayed on the right, while mobile will show them in a carousel format. A button in the top-right corner lets users expand and view the sources that informed the answer. SGE also features a Conversational mode for follow-up questions and offers buying-related suggestions with generated overviews. Ads will be displayed above the snapshots and labelled as “Sponsored.” Additionally, Search Labs introduces two new experiments: Code Tips, which provides coding pointers, and Add to Sheets, which allows inserting search results directly into spreadsheets. Users can sign up for Search Labs and access SGE, Code Tips, and Add to Sheets individually. Priority access will be given to Google One Premium subscribers with 2+ TB storage.


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