Artificial Intelligence surrounds the consumer market – when we buy on Amazon or eBay, Big Data is empowering AI to predict needs and make personalized recommendations as never before. When we choose a song or a movie in Spotify or Netflix, AI is suggesting new options we might like based on our past preferences and even on preferences from people with the same profile than us. When we go to hospital AI is also used to help perform clinical diagnoses.

Artificial Intelligence is present in phones, cars, homes, stores, cities – surrounding us with hundreds of AI-powered services and devices that are changing lives and businesses. However, when we ask consumers if they use AI in their lives, the percentage of positive answers is much lower than the actual usage cases.

Most of the time people use AI unconsciously, expecting personalized recommendations and enhanced user experiences. For users, it should be second nature, making it an huge opportunity for companies.


Artificial but smart

Today’s AI status was unthinkable a few years ago as it is only achievable when the experience provided by AI interfaces doesn’t feel “artificial”.

We believe thatwe have already achieved this at InnoWave– a stage in which everybody can feel comfortable talking or buying from our AI engines. These engines can:

  • give smart recommendations, based on historic knowledge and other cognitive features;
  • put a vast amount of knowledge at a user’s service;
  • have a fun approach;
  • identify user moods and act according with that.


Machine learning and cloud computing

Through machine learning and cloud computing, InnoWave has developed InnTeract,a platform that supports multiple bots with distinct abilities – from sales to support and client care, allowing companies to improve customer experience while addressing their business needs and goals.

By using this customized chatbot management system, communication with users and customers has no limitation. Companies can always be connected 24/7, anywhere in the world maintaining a multi-channel, multi-language and multi-mood dialog.

The quality of conversation score (QoC) is continually updated, boosting interaction capabilities to a level in which bots can immediately chose the best approach to each situation. And by monitoring the usage and KPIs regarding interaction, we are confirming that it is possible to deliver “automated” but smart conversations.

With state-of-the-art AI interface, our system can change the way companies develop their business in almost every industry by enabling them to do it in a global, ever-evolving world:

  • More Productivity, by enabling automation and process implementation;
  • More Reach, by connecting customers anytime and anywhere, on any platform or device; and by connecting to a larger base of potential customers;
  • Improved consumer experience, by creating knowledge and context with reduced need for human assistance;
  • Engage reinforcement, by interact with the so called “smart conversation”.

If an AI algorithm can check hundreds of radiology images per day learning to identify signs of cancer, physicians will have more time to give to patients. If AI can recommend the right products to the right people, companies will have more time to develop new products, generating more sales.

It is with these service offerings that we believe we change lives through innovation